Are Varicose Veins Dangerous? The Risks of Untreated Symptoms

Varicose veins are the physical manifestations of venous insufficiency, which in short, means your veins don’t return blood well.  What many people don’t know is that varicose veins are actually very common in the general public. In fact, many people have them, but don’t have any symptoms. Symptoms are progresive in this disease.  They start […]

Varicose Veins During Pregnancy: Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Varicose veins are when veins that have become blocked appear very close to the surface to the skin as blue to purplish spider web-like markings or twisted with a characteristic bulge. Varicose veins can appear at any age and for a number of reasons, but are often associated with aging. However, it is not uncommon […]

6 Types of Vein Disease To Be Aware Of

To understand vein disease, which is the primary cause of varicose veins, it’s first important to understand the venous system of the human body. The venous system is the part of the circulatory system that returns deoxygenated blood through veins back to the heart to be recirculated. By contrast, the arterial system carries oxygenated blood away […]

Itchiness and Pain Could Mean Varicose Veins

Red Sands Vein & Laser has many years of experience in varicose vein treatment in Utah. Patients often ask us why their varicose veins become painful and itchy and what they can do about it. Below is some information about what painful and itchy varicose veins indicate, and when it is time to see a […]